7 Steps to a Language-Rich Interactive Classroom

By John Seidlitz and Bill Perryman

What if you could design an amazing learning environment? We already have, and it's all contained in 7steps! 7 Steps to Building a Language-Rich Interactive Classroom provides a seven step process that creates a language-rich interactive classroom environment in which all students can thrive. Topics include differentiating instruction for students at a variety of language proficiencies, keeping all students absolutely engaged, and creating powerful learning supports.

From Lanterns To Liberty

By Bill Perryman and Marguerite Hartill

From Lanterns to Liberty catapults the reader into the middle of the action of the historic night of April 18, 1775! Who was this man we so affectionately know as Paul Revere and what really happened to him and the midnight express riders on that fateful night? The spellbinding story of Paul Revere and the midnight express riders is riveting and remarkable. It is a passionate slice of the American persona that every student should know!

Navigating the ELPS

By John Seidlitz and Bill Perryman

This manual is designed to help teachers, administrators and specialists use the ELPS to improve instruction for English learners.

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